Time America Genesis PRO Software


Genesis Pro is a powerful time & labor management system that will enable
you to optimize productivity and better manage your bottom line by
automating your Time and Attendance and Labor Management processes. In
addition, Genesis Pro produces valuable management reports that will allow
you to control overpayment of employees and distribution of labor.
Genesis Pro is a modular system that enables you to custom tailor a
solution that best fits your business needs. With optional modules, such
as Profile Lockout, Bell Ringing, Access Control and Benefit Accruals,
this full featured and comprehensive management tool will help you gain
greater control over productivity and provide a fully integrated solution
for automating your time & attendance operations. The TA715 Data
Collection Terminals, as well as the Biometric Handpunch units, can
capture and transmit data from your employees to the host computer, for
automated processing by the Genesis Pro software.

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Genesis Pro utilizes the latest advancements in database programming
technology to bring you the fastest and most sophisticated time and
attendance data collection solution. Let Genesis Pro take over the menial
and time consuming task of payroll preparation and adding up time cards,
so you can spend more time growing your business.

Software Features

  • Ease of Use: Genesis Pro is completely menu driven. All processes
    are clearly marked and follow a common operating thread throughout. For ease
    of operation, the system allows each user to arrange the systems sorting and
    browse window display order. This allows each user to arrange the information
    in an order that is convenient for them. For example, one user may want the
    employee selection listings to sort employees by last name while another may
    want to sort by employee number.
  • Company Policies and Rules: Genesis Pro will support complex
    company policies and rules such as floating shifts, rounding rules, multiple
    wages and overtime levels. Employees may either be assigned a specific start
    and stop time, or they may punch in and out randomly. An unlimited number of
    rounding rules can be setup around start/stop times or the actual punch time
    to avoid overpaying employees around the actual IN/OUT punches, lunch punches,
    break punches or total worked time duration. Genesis Pro supports an unlimited
    number of shifts. Unusual shifts schedules with staggered start times are
    easily handled. Employees can be assigned multiple wages, one for each
    department, job, step, or operation worked. Salaried employee hours can be
    reported from actual, scheduled, or a set amount. Salaried employees can be
    required to punch IN, both IN and OUT, or not punch at all. Genesis Pro
    supports three levels of overtime on both a daily and pay period basis.
    Overtime can also be defined based on the number of times the employee punches
    in during a certain time of day, number of consecutive days worked, shift,
    and for time worked outside the schedule.
  • Employee Time Collection and Calculation: Genesis Pro’s powerful
    tools relieve payroll staff of time consuming, stressful procedures such as
    manual review and calculation of time cards. Global Scheduling lets you
    schedule an individual employee or groups of employees in one simple step.
    Global Scheduling has the ability to copy existing schedules or apply
    rotating schedules. Automatic lunch and break deductions may be taken based
    on elapsed time worked or during a specific window of time to prevent
    overpayment to employees who do not take the full time allotted for lunches
    and breaks. Genesis Pro contains two online punch editors, Online Time Card
    and Approval, which allows you to edit the employee punch information right
    on each employee time card. The Genesis Pro Transaction Editor provides a
    simple means of correcting wrong punches and adding new ones by scrolling
    through existing transactions. The Browse editor also allows you to enter and
    edit transactions that are not time and attendance related.
  • Employee Self Service: Genesis Pro allows you to give employees
    access to their own payroll and HR data including: current hours and
    transaction, schedules, and benefit balances. Additionally, exempt employees
    can submit online electronic time sheets.
  • Reporting: Genesis Pro will generate over 110 different reports for
    attendance, scheduling, wages, payroll, exceptions, and human resources.
    Genesis Pro will generate up-to-date reports on everything from annual
    attendance to who is not in today. All of the Genesis Pro reports can be
    modified using its built-in Report Editor. This means you can change any
    report to match your time & attendance needs. The amount of historical
    data that the system will keep is limited only by the size of your hard
    drive. Previous data can be compressed and archived to save disk space.
  • Data Collection: Genesis Pro is compatible with multiple data
    collection devices. An employee can punch IN at one terminal, transfer
    departments at another, then as an example drive 40 miles and clock OUT at a
    remote location. If punching at multiple locations is not desired, the Access
    module allows the terminal to limit accepted punches to certain employees.
    Genesis Pro supports the use of multiple TA715 Data Collection Terminals and
    Handpunch Terminals.
  • Payroll Processing: Standard file exports for use with major
    payroll systems (ADP, Ceridian, Cyborg, PayChex, QuickBooks Pro, Rapid Pay,
    Safeguard, Payroll 1, QuikPay, and more).
  • Security: Each user must enter a login name and password before
    they can access the Genesis Pro software. The software can limit the user to
    certain menus, what they can do while in a given window (add, edit, delete,
    view, etc.), and which employees they can access.

Software requires Windows 7 Pro/Enterprise/Ultimate, Vista Business/Enterprise/Ultimate, Server 2008, XP Professional, or 2000 Professional

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