HP 1000E Biometric HandPunch



  • 100-user capacity
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • Red/green light indicator
  • Saves money over card-based systems
  • Provides the most accurate time and attendance solution available
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Eliminates badges
  • Eliminates buddy punching


  • Your hand is your card – There are no cards to create,
    administer, carry – or lose. The HandPunch 1000E verifies
    employees’ identities in less than one second, based on the unique
    size and shape of their hands. For small companies, the HP 1000E
    provides a quick return on investment by eliminating the cost
    associated with administrating and managing cards. Additionally,
    one employee can’t punch for the other, eliminating time fraud and
    reducing payroll costs.
  • Hand Geometry Technology – The HP 1000E uses field-proven
    hand geometry biometrics technology. The hand’s size and the shape
    are used to verify their identity with unparalleled accuracy. No
    fingerprints or palm prints are utilized. Green and red lights
    notify the employee of the status of each punch. There’s no
    question any more; employees have to be there to punch.
  • Small Enterprise Solution – The HP 1000E provides a new
    solution for companies with 100 employees or less per terminal or
    location. The HP 1000E terminal allows for collection of in and out
    punches plus allows easy connectivity to any time and attendance
  • Communication Options – The HP 1000E connects quickly to
    the time and attendance PC via ethernet cable. For older systems,
    the HP 1000 Serial uses a RS-232 cable, and has an optional
    internal 14.4 K baud dial-up modem.

Additional information

Weight 95 oz
Dimensions 8.55 × 8.85 × 11.65 in